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DaiGwy ‘Typical’ Profiles

The DaiGwy profiles are based on the Power and Torque curves produced for each of the models they represent. They are usually an average of several profiles obtained for a given ‘Model Year’. Some models are so close in profile from one model year to another they have been combined. The result for each motorcycle model is a ‘Typical’ Power and Torque profile.

The shape of each typical profile is very distinctive and unique to each model.

Artistic license is claimed in order to fit the many and varied rev ranges into the DaiGwy profile format. Each profile is 100mm wide. Generally the left side starts at 3,000 rpm and the right side represents the red line/rev limit. This varies from 8,000 rpm to 13,000 rpm or more depending on the model. Where a model redlines in between, at say 10,500 rpm, the line has been extended to 11,000 rpm. Purists may object but again we claim ‘Artistic License’.

The resulting DaiGwy profile is a gift to cherish.

Height Scale

There is consistency across the range when comparing the heights of different models.

Power Curves 1mm = 1 bhp
Torque Curves 1mm = 1 lb.ft.

Comparisons across the range can generally be made by the different categories of models. So compare the Fireblade to the R1, ZX-9R and GSX-R1000 and you are comparing bikes of similar performance with similar redline rpm figures. The same is true for the 600s but the Engine Art range is really a celebration of each model, something for the rider to enjoy and a reminder of what waits in the garage until the next adventure begins.

(insert image - laser cutting)

The Profiles

DaiGwy Power and Torque profiles are cut by precision CO2 laser to an accuracy of 0.1mm. The laser reaches a temperature in excess of 5,000deg C when cutting.

The Power Profile is made from mirror polished stainless steel, it is cut with the laser set at 2,500 Watts (Remember him from ‘Horsepower History Lesson’?) and using high pressure Nitrogen at 16 bar to provide an inert atmosphere and clear to molten steel from the cut.The Power profiles are polished by hand to achieve the final finish required.

The Torque Profile is made from acrylic plastic but requires less power to cut so the laser is set at only 200 Watts and uses low pressure compressed air at 0.5 bar. ‘Live Edge’ Acrylic is used for the Red, Orange, Green and Yellow colour options. This special material was developed a few years ago to transmit light out from its edges. The effect can be sensational in sunlight or fluorescent lighting. The edge of the Torque profile ‘shines’ to emphasise the Torque curve.

The Stand Components

The stand is made up of a Base with two rising Posts and two Pins to secure the profiles.

All these components are CNC machined for precision and consistency from solid Aluminium. All are polished by hand to a mirror finish.

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